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Vladimir Small Batch

Our next stop was the town of Vladimir, which is famous for being the capital city of the Kiev Rus , one of the original cities of Russia. The town is also famous for being razed and taken over by Chingiss Khans grandson in the 1200s… so in around 15 days I traveled the same […]

3369 Km to Yekaterinburg

So what does one do on a train for two days ? Honestly a whole lot of nothing. It became a cycle of napping, reading and watching things on the computer. I became even more grateful for the large amounts of media I brought with me. I read three books (one space opera , a […]

Ulaan Ude to Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and Beyond: 457 Km

[SO I epically fail at posting as I travel, but I hope to make up for it over the next couple of days..] The distance between Ulaan Ude and Irkutsk is relatively short, so we opted for a night train that would get us to Irkutsk early the next morning. Each train transfer is slightly […]

Ulaan Baatar to Ulaan Ude : 0 to 662 KM

I had taken the train before to see my host family earlier this year. But this last trip to the train station would be different . I would be leaving for good. The majority of my Peace Corps cohort had already peaced out , taking planes to their respective home of record or to travel […]

Small Batch – Onward Bound

Now its time to admit it, I have finally left Mongolia. This blog is basically a snippet of what is to come (yes I’m still planning on posting… might as well when I’m still traveling ) . I hope to write more detailed posts in the future, but between two day s here and two […]

A Mongol History: Здравствуйте, товарищ!

If there has been one country that has influenced Mongolia the most, its Russia. Which tends to be a surprise to most people. Wouldn’t China make the most sense? A glance at the history books however would show lots of animosity towards Chinese people, from everything to the Manchu ‘oppression’ and current unfair trade agreements, […]