SO the last week has been a whirlwind. I flew back to site from attending the International Social Workers Conference in UB only to hit the ground running to prepare for an aimag (or province) level wide English teachers seminar. Organized by my amazing sitemate Christie and supported by the aimag educational department, some 50 […]

Here is another piece to my series of interviews with Mongolians to further understand Mongolian culture and history. A couple weeks ago I sat down with an incredible person, Uugii has always been incredibly helpful to me with projects and navigating Mongolian culture. I often helped her with her 6th grade class, and it was […]

It happened so suddenly. It seemed like within a 24 hour period that the brown buds on the trees turned an incandescent green, making everything look fresh and shiny. On my evening runs I get whiffs of sage as I run on the river plain that surrounds my section of town. I’ve team taught my […]

Just when you think you can check out, prep for summer and all that wonderful season brings, things start picking up at site. Between a benefit concert, nights spent with friends and graduation season, my normally sparse schedule … has been more busy then usual. Even writing this reminded me how jam packed the last […]

I wandered along the platform, looking at my paper ticket, wondering if I can manage this new form of transportation. And when I say new, I mean new to me. Mongolia has had trains for the last 50 some years, but the trains don’t even begin to reach my far flung western aimag. Up until […]

So much has happened in the span of two weeks, ranging from exhilarating highs and abysmal lows, its hard to put make sense of my own incongruent thoughts in my head, not to mention writing it on the page. Yet, documenting this experience has been one of my ways of processing everything I have learned […]