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Tsagaan Sar Outing and A Mongolian Rodeo

Opportunities to travel outside of site are seldom in my part of the world. My town isn’t on a major thoroughfare, nor is there much travel between any other city besides Ulaan Baatar. Soums (small villages) are so far scattered that going anywhere will most often require a weekend or at least long traveling days. […]

Tsagaan Sar Small Batch

Цаг цагаар нэг цаддаг Цагаан сараар нэг цаддаг Once in a while we will feast At Tsagaan sar we will feast Tsagaan Sar, or White Moon, is the name of the Mongolian Lunar New Year. Its celebrated one month after the first new moon following the winter solstice, kinda like the Chinese New Years… but […]

Turkey Challenges, New Years and Seven Months

Happy New Year! May this find all of you readers happy and warm, nursing some wicked hangovers and good memories. Its hard to believe, but I have spent , an entire year here. I am long past the half way mark, and I’m closer to leaving then I have ever been. Seven months and I […]

Shine Jil Mine Jil Madness!

[Shine Jil translates to “New Year” (and is pronounced “shin jil”- Шинэ жип) , tagging on Mine Jil on the end is like saying “New Years n’ stuff”. For example you can say that I had “Talkh Malkh” for breakfast, or bread n’ stuff for breakfast. It’s a Mongolian turn of phrase that I really […]