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Where the Heck is the Summer Going ?!?

Yep. Its been a while. And since ever since returning back site, I feel like a tornado picked me up several weeks ago and I’ve just landed. Its all I can do sometimes to stare at my luggage and wonder where all this stuff I’ve accumulated over the last two years will go. Getting the […]

Turkey Challenges, New Years and Seven Months

Happy New Year! May this find all of you readers happy and warm, nursing some wicked hangovers and good memories. Its hard to believe, but I have spent , an entire year here. I am long past the half way mark, and I’m closer to leaving then I have ever been. Seven months and I […]

Thanksgiving Small Batch

So Thanksgiving is upon us , and I’m just as busy as you are . The volunteers in my area are getting together at my place to cook awkward leg and thigh chicken pieces in toaster ovens and different variations of potatoes and turnips. This is my first “adult” thanksgiving… where I’m in charge of […]