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Where the Heck is the Summer Going ?!?

Yep. Its been a while. And since ever since returning back site, I feel like a tornado picked me up several weeks ago and I’ve just landed. Its all I can do sometimes to stare at my luggage and wonder where all this stuff I’ve accumulated over the last two years will go. Getting the […]

Mongol Thoughts Small Batch

If having a school vacation does just one thing, it turns my brain into mush. I could easily just not post this week, but I have been doing so well posting once a week that I would kick myself if I didn’t attempt to post something. So here goes, what I call I my Mongol […]

Testing and Many Cups of Tea

I have been pretty good about working through the winter. Every month I have gotten something done , big and small, fighting through the cold and the colds. I feel good about the work I have been able to do- yet as soon as spring rolls around, as soon as it starts getting warm and […]