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Tsuivan and Comics

Food is the thing that sustains us , the simplest pleasure and goodness knows that every Peace Corps Volunteer soon becomes fixated on the subject, pining over the prospect of In-n-Out Burgers, and real coffee. Despite the constant fixation, I find my self lacking on being able to write about the topic, both in terms […]

Mongol Thoughts Small Batch

If having a school vacation does just one thing, it turns my brain into mush. I could easily just not post this week, but I have been doing so well posting once a week that I would kick myself if I didn’t attempt to post something. So here goes, what I call I my Mongol […]

Turkey Challenges, New Years and Seven Months

Happy New Year! May this find all of you readers happy and warm, nursing some wicked hangovers and good memories. Its hard to believe, but I have spent , an entire year here. I am long past the half way mark, and I’m closer to leaving then I have ever been. Seven months and I […]

An Average Day, Stinky Outhouses and Smoothies

In your second year, it gets easier to say to yourself that oh I don’t have anything to write about. Why blog today. You have nothing new to say. But I have been on a roll when it comes to posts so why ruin the stretch until I have an actual reason to not write […]