Who Am I, You Ask?

Hello, those who have ventured here!

Well to start off with, my name is V. (at least on this blog). Not so long ago I was born in a far off Asian country, and lived there quite happily till I was 18. At that point my parents had me shipped off to California for college where I had 4 years experiencing American culture. Once I graduated, I went up to Alaska ( you know just for kicks)  and shortly thereafter lived in Tahoe Land, experiencing what best can be called the ski bum culture. Which is pretty freaking awesome. That is my life story in a nut shell. Not too shabby.

So in so many words, some things to expect on this blog include my experiences working and volunteering with Peace Corps in Mongolia. Some things you might see are posts about food (i like food), wildlife photography (its amazing what a nice camera does) and mainly my Peace Corps experience, and other random things relevant to me…  mostly life! Feel free to follow, comment and ask me about my experiences. I swear I don’t bite!

Lots of love to where-ever you are,





  1. Thanks for the follow 🙂 it’s good to get a feel as to how other ex-pats are doing things in other places.

  2. Thanks for the follow. Miss our expat days!

  3. thanks for the follow. I look forward to reading about your experiences to get an insight for when I get there

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