Vladimir Small Batch

Our next stop was the town of Vladimir, which is famous for being the capital city of the Kiev Rus , one of the original cities of Russia. The town is also famous for being razed and taken over by Chingiss Khans grandson in the 1200s… so in around 15 days I traveled the same distance that Mongols conquered in around 10 years. Not too shabby. If you want more info about the town, I shall direct you to a much more eloquently written Wikipedia article 🙂

Now this was going to be barely a day trip – we would arrive in Vladimir at around 6 am and leave at around 11 at night… so this was going to be a very long day. A local hostel was kind enough to let us chill and leave our stuff during the day while we explored the town. Some sites of note included the Golden Gate , which is now an active traffic circle, as well as some churches and their ‘Kremlin’ or fortress. So most of our day was spent meandering and seeing the sites. Unfortunately however something I ate didn’t agree with me, I ended up coming down with a violent case of food poisoning by the end of the day, which made me retire to the hostel to wait for our train… Luckily I didn’t get so sick to stop taking pictures 😛 .

*** Also I would like to note that in the entirety of two years in Mongolia I only got food poisoning twice and had very few stomach problems. Then I spend 15 days in Russia and get food poisoning. What is up with that Russia huh !?!? ***

But I digress.

To say we were slightly beleaguered with trains, churches and monuments was a slight understatement at this point. Luckily we were approaching St Petersburg and we would be staying there for 4 days and 5 nights. When we were doing our pre-trip research we ultimately had to decide whether we wanted to spend more time in Moscow or St P, and we choose the latter… as my next couple of posts will touch on, it wasn’t enough time.

Till next time – V.

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