Tsuivan and Comics

Food is the thing that sustains us , the simplest pleasure and goodness knows that every Peace Corps Volunteer soon becomes fixated on the subject, pining over the prospect of In-n-Out Burgers, and real coffee. Despite the constant fixation, I find my self lacking on being able to write about the topic, both in terms of local fare and what I would like when I get home. To be fair, there isn’t that much to say about Mongolian food… I can count the number of dishes available on one hand and usually its some combination of meat, flour … and more meat. And of course, milk tea. Here are some pictures of me cooking with a friend a couple months ago…

real world tsuivan

real world tsuivan

So I turn to a compatriot, Cal, to help me talk about one of my favorite Mongolian dishes, tsuivan. Its basically stir fried noodles, and it’s the one dish I have actually taken to since coming to Mongolia. Cal is a fellow PCV in my cohort and he is also an incredibly talented artist. He recently drew an comic about how to make tsuivan with his counterpart, and he allowed me to share it below. You can view more of his work at his website here. Enjoy! 15-3-12-tsuivan-1finalcolor15-3-12-tsuivan-2finalcolorerror15-3-12-tsuivan-3-colorfinalHope you liked the new medium! I do have a slight post script however… I am planning on interviewing some Mongolian friends and counterparts about their lives, their culture and whatever they fancy to tell me, to post on this blog. I’m curious  about what YOU, the readers of this intrepid blog, would like to find out about Mongolia, Mongolian culture, or anything at all. So please let me know what you would like to know! Meanwhile , I hope this finds you warm – V.



  1. Nice comic!! Good job, Cal!

  2. Great artwork and a wonderful post, – thanks to both of you! 🙂

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