Really Being Back and Crunch-Time

Welp. I’m back. Been back for a while. Seem to be surviving so far…

What else is there to say ? Other then its still cold.

My entire school is now back in session after our surprise school break, and most of the kids I teach are busting out energy. They’re excited to see each other and have some sort of stimulus, especially the younger ones. I’m amazed when they show ecstatic interest over some obscure grammar point , ” You’re yelling at each other over uncountable and countable nouns ? Are you kidding me? ” I think to myself. At least someone has energy, and it isn’t me.

February is that weird month in Mongolia where the cold is really starting to get to you. You wonder if a nuclear winter occurred and that no one thought to tell you about it. You will never go back to wearing shorts and flip flops ever again. Instead you must resign yourself to a life of constantly wearing three layers and balaclavas. You will never see your skin again. Such are my thoughts.

Yet I found this quote (I found in some deep corner of the internet ) “February is the shortest month, so if you are bound to have a miserable month , schedule it for February” . Super applicable.

On the positive side it has been nice being in my apartment again. If there was a negative with traveling with a large group of people, its that you’re traveling with a large group of people. There isn’t much alone time. Now I can read as much as I like without someone liberally borrowing the book I’m currently reading … which may or may not have happened. There is much to be said for watching a movie over dinner, then retiring to the couch to read a hundred pages without any pressure to do other things. Though I have a feeling that other things are going to start getting in the way.

We have a lot ‘planned’ for the next couple weeks… I go though my mental planner and tick off each week. This week is language training, the next is the Creative Writing Competition, the week after that is a long weekend. Soon the weeks start winding into spring and then into summer… It will go by so quickly. Projects that we put on the back burner when I left for vacation are moving up in our minds. That speech competition we have been talking about forever, that comic book club , this or that project that we talked about when we first got here. Now that I’m back and will soon be off , I feel that inclement pressure of time more so then I did before. It is really crunch-time.

In other news, I’m starting this second month of 2015 pretty proud of the challenges that I promised I would do… in that I am still keeping one :-). If you didn’t guess from the hints above, I’ve pretty much been reading books like a mad person . Of my goal to read 52 books this year, I have already read 8. I’m ahead of schedule on reading a theme a week ( Currently I’m on Week 7: A Book with Non-Human Characters) which I’m super proud of. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I now have an e-reader again, thanks to my lovely parents . As for the other challenges .. Meh. Exercising hasn’t happened since my vacation, but there is a new gym in town of all things… with REAL treadmills ! I can actually start a running regimen. So … there is very strong potential I will start that. Strong potential being the key word.

Next week I will probably come up with something more substantial… possibly about Mongolian considering that this week we will have a Language Training. Peace Corps is actually sending 2 teachers to lead Mongolian lessons throughout the weekend. Should be interesting, and its nice to have a refresher. Til something interesting happens…
Hope this finds you warm- V.



  1. I saw it was -30 degrees there the other day. I am still speechless. You are my hero. I have no desire to follow in your footsteps.

    1. It actually doesn’t feel that bad… The other day I was think oh, I don’t need gloves outside, its out-right toasty! Though I will admit the first 24 hours back was tough. We only left the hostel once to get pizza, and that was misery 😛

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