A Short Post for a Long Week

Here it goes, another week another blog. I pondered on what to write about. I could write about the hike my sitemates, friends and I went on. I could talk about team teaching lessons. I could talk about clubs. I could talk about the entire multitude of things that I put my self up to. The things I will look back on with fondness.

Or I could talk about those not so great things. Peace Corps is advertised as the toughest job you’ll ever love. That phrase rings true, because for every upswing there is a down swing. There are those days where you come home so defeated that you go to bed in your Soviet cot at 8:00 and sleep for 12 hours. There are those days after work where you lie prostrate on your floor looking at the ceiling , wondering why you’re so upset this time a particular teacher called you fat. There are those days where you think “What was even the point of leaving my apartment today?”.

All of those things have happened to me, on multiple occasions. Goodness knows I won’t be done with those days yet.

On the other hand, I could talk about those things that make me glad to be here. The kids who are planning a Halloween Party and need help with the costume competition and games. The children who were told about a talent show on Monday that they need to be ready for in a week, meaning the school is in chaos till 9’o clock at night, everyday this week. The friend that helps you print certificates for a competition you’re organizing this Friday. A conversation over text messages with a friend across the country.

Those are the things that make you glad that you’re in Peace Corps. I might not build a hospital, or a library or start a revolutionizing way of enhancing youth participation in Mongolia, but I’m here. Present, taking it day by day. Because as the some older, wiser (and probably smellier) Volunteer told me , the days are long but the weeks are short, and your 2 years will fly by.

I can write about all those things. But, as I need to turn in and prepare for another day/week hopefully I can formulate a complete blog post about any of the above topics. And actually write it this time, instead of just thinking about it 😛 – V.



  1. vashongram · · Reply

    My dearest Virginia….to this day, I will never forget the conversation Mr. Myers, Ms. Douglass and I had after taking you on our WWW trip. As a Freshman, you were, hands DOWN, our favorite kid. I know you look at all these moments and reflect. You must also remember you have NO idea how many hearts and lives you are touching at any given moment. You see, I know this first hand, for you touched my heart and life in a way that holds my UP when my days are long. You GO girl. Loving you always, Mrs. H.

  2. vashongram · · Reply

    me…not my…

  3. The Halloween party sounds exciting, I hope you take some photos! Hang in there through the rough days, hole up and watch a video (since I’m sure PC Mongolia is like Liberia, there is a terabyte of music, movies and books passing btw everyone). Sounds like you are making the most of your service and your new home!

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