Winter Colors and Soviet Townhomes

Today while walking home, I noticed that we got our first dusting of snow on the mountains that surround my town. With the orange hue of the setting sun, giving the mountains a rosy plume it was a pleasant walk. Mongolia has a tendency for stark colors in the best of times – white and grey in winter , brown and harsh blue in summer. Any other colors just pop out in my mind. Remembering the golden hills dusted with snow, reflecting a rosy glow will make the bleak winter incoming a little more bearable.

I usually am home earlier than sunset, but I was staying late at school helping out. Tomorrow is International Teachers Day, and instead of teachers actually teaching, the 12th graders will teach lessons. In true Mongolian style , I was asked to help prepare a lesson at around 5:30, when I had already been home for a while. So after hustling over, planning a lesson ( most of which involved downloading relevant clips from YouTube) , I was rewarded by a nice sunset. Good things come to those who are willing to drop everything and help a child teach some English to their peers.

Anyways, this week was also the week of site visits. Basically this is when our regional programmer(s) come out to check up on us at our sites, see how we are doing at our host country agency and see how we are as volunteers and people. It’s also a good time to build relationships with people who are usually over 1,000 kilometers away. Thank fully, my regional programmer is also my Sector Programmer, so I knew her pretty well already. Our meeting with my school went well, as expected and it felt good to talk over future projects. Also accompanying my program manager was the new medical officer, who is from Russia. You know you are living the life when your Russian PC Medical Officer comments on how “Soviet” your townhouse is. Also his estimate that my townhouse is around 40-50 years old… which I haven’t even really thought of before. But it’s probably true.

In the meantime, in celebration of Teachers Day, we will be going to the countryside this weekend and doing the general Mongolian picnic activities. It’s also one of my sitemates birthdays this weekend, along with the start of some new projects this upcoming week. All in all, the days might be long but the weeks are short. I already can feel how fast this second year will go by,

Till something exciting happens , V.



  1. Al Chandler · · Reply

    Virginia, thank you the update. Assume you still have a visit to Thailand on your schedule in February 2015. Was in touch with US Peace Corps general counsel last month, and it appears they may be moving forward to a Myanmar program. Life in Thailand under the new government is good, with less corruption in the private sector.
    Love, Dad

  2. 1jacquezero · · Reply

    Happy teachers day. Your words were beautifully descriptive, you little commie.

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