Well, Its No Longer Freezing

Its now March and thank good ness its starting to get warmer. And by warmer I do mean that its getting above zero degrees on both sides of the temperature scale. I have decided to retire my big winter ski jacket and now I’m wearing a light hoodie with a wind breaker on top. With only one pair of long underwear and socks required, Its practically tropical weather here in Mongolia. T-Shirt season, here I come!

No more dressing / living like this :



I’m only halfway kidding.

 *Aren’t those pictures cute ? Check out “Alan &Mikes Really Cool Backcountry Ski” Books. Super informative and it even has pictures*

Other then my change of wardrobe things have been slowly picking up here in the boonies. Tsagaan Sar finally ended , ended a month long lull where I did … well very little. School has started up again, with a lot more fervor as the days are getting longer, and when class at 8:30 am doesn’t start in complete darkness you know things are going to be better.  This past week I attended a career development seminar by a visiting German consultant at the local vocational school.  It was like taking a college level class on social theory and labor markets. It was also interesting to see a training not done by Peace Corps. Despite some differences, one thing remained the same… copious amounts of flip chart paper. Along with helping people with their own community projects, there is a video contest on alcohol awareness,  a Japanese volunteers reproductive health seminar … its going to get busy over here.  Like  “OMG SO BUSY” .  So for now I will appreciate these calm mornings, where the internet is out at my school and I can just sip on my coffee for 3 hours before a meeting I have at noon. Then I might wash my hair… maybe. Oh and exercise. No Mongolian belly for me. If you don’t know what that is , you are a very lucky person.

I recently re read a lot of my blog posts, and one thing does stick out. While I do talk about projects, I should probably mention that here, there is a lot of downtime. Like a lot. Lots of waiting around, watching my window plants grow. The type of free time people rarely have in the states. You know, without internet, the main time waster. I actually found out during PST that I get quite angry when I’m bored. At the very least, I get irritated, exacerbated by the thought that “I’m in Peace Corps, what am I doing,  doing nothing ? Shouldn’t I at least be doing something ?!?!?” . It took me a while to realize though, that we are allowed down time. We are allowed time, not to be bored, but to have our own time to ourselves. We are worlds away from what is comfortable and known to us. Unlike in the states, where a lot of the time, we are encouraged to have full but busy lives, here … there is no such expectation.  I guess what I’m trying to say (if I can’t ramble on a blog then where can I huh ?) is that one thing I have learned since being here, is you can give yourself the gift of downtime during this experience. And you will feel all the much better for that.

So since this was a blog post inspired by… well downtime ( not the best muse) I will try to focus more on other topics in following blog posts…. So what do you want to know? Geology ? There are some pretty interesting rock formations in my town, one day I will go for a romp and take some cool pictures. Music ? My town does have a cool Music School. Language ? I might be able to muddle my way through that one. Where I get my food? That one won’t be for the weak of stomach… I might need to post a warning before that one. Let me know in the comments below.

Over the last couple weeks, lots has been happening in California, and got to admit it physically hurt me to miss out. Oh well, there is always 2015!

Lots of Love,




  1. I would love to hear about the food you are eating, how you are cooking it, where you are getting it, ect!

  2. Funny kid stories!!! 🙂

  3. Clara Hull · · Reply

    Oh man some geology photos would be pretty sweet!! Otherwise glad to hear its getting warmer!

  4. […] I’m going to die once it starts getting properly cold. I now have a great respect for PCVs in Mongolia – I don’t know how they […]

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