On the Eve of Training…

My Open Letter,

Over the last couple weeks I have realized that I’m pretty bad at emoting… anything. With all the pre planning and nerve wracking waiting, I think I have missed out on something that I need to say to all the people that are important to me. Something I plan amending with this letter (yes, I know it’s a blog, but just go with it…).

Basically, before I start off on this crazy little adventure, I just want to say… THANK YOU. To everyone. Whether you are a member of my family, a close friend, or even an acquaintance, its because of you wonderful people that I’m finding myself with the gumption to start off on my Mongolian adventure.

Whenever I have talked to people about doing the PC,  everyone has been incredibly supportive. I haven’t had to face a single negative remark over my decision and instead have been astounded by all the support from everyone. Overall it makes me feel incredibly lucky that my friends and family are pretty much the most awesome people… ever. Its because of you guys that I know when times get rough or challenging (which they will…) I will always have a crowd of genuinely supportive people around me (figuratively…) that has my back. No matter that you guys are an ocean away, just the thought of everyone being there makes me believe I can do this.

While on one hand, this realization that everyone in my life is awesome doesn’t make it easy to leave… but I’m constantly reminded by how fast two years goes by, and that you all will be around when I get back.

Finally, if you ever need anything, a friendly word or just an update, let me know! I love you all! I will try to update blogs and write emails like a crazy woman, however I also love to read letters and receive updates as much as the next person.

So is on the eve of training where I put this out there. Its time for an adventure to start, and I can’t wait to take you all with me 🙂

Lots of Love,




  1. You are going to be fabulous! And I can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures!

  2. Elizabeth Kessler-Gore · · Reply

    Looking forward to going along! Have a wonderful adventure! Travel safe!

  3. Wendy Thompson Shearer · · Reply

    Hey, Virginia, So cool that you recognize the power of supportive people in your life!! There is nothing more important to being able to decide to “go for it” in your life, than knowing nobody is sabotaging your efforts. How great that you appreciate this gift. Oh, and enjoy your trainings. I hope you meet a couple of fellow volunteers you can get together with regularly during your 27 months. I’ll be following your blog. I like your writing already. Best to you, Wendy Shearer

  4. Al Chandler · · Reply

    looking forward to commuting through Ulan Bator enroute SFO or BKK. Remember archery, wrestling and horseback riding during my reconisance in 1992 (when I left Virginia Sierra and Sue at Tahoe, after returning from Barcelona Olympic Regatta)

  5. Jacque · · Reply

    With a tear in my eye and love in my heart for the sweet girl, now young woman who can do anything and go anywhere. You are an amazing person who only earns more respect everyday. Looking forward to hearing how it goes and what it’s like. They are lucky to have you

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