Big News!


It finally happened.  I finally got my Peace Corps invitation, and I will let you read what I got to read:

Dear V,

Congratulations! It is with great pleasure that we invite you to begin training in Mongolia for Peace Corps Service…(!!!!)

So starting in late  May, I will be going to Mongolia (!!!) for a (so far vague) project focusing on Community and Youth Development.  Basically I’m ecstatic. If I could have named a  top country where I would have liked to spend two years, Mongolia would have been my first choice. So when I read the first few lines of the Invitation email, in the  late hours of the morning on my day off, I literally leaped out of the bed and started bouncing off the walls and calling people regardless of timezone and texting people in class, shooting off emails, looking up Mongolian language books online and printing off the 100+ pages of material that got sent to me… Needless to say I accepted the invite as soon as I could (right away) and got to planning out my next couple weeks. Dental appointments, vaccinations, resumes, visa applications etc, etc, etc… I’m going to be busy. But not too busy for all the people I want to hang out with before I leave 🙂

More will come later, and I will start converting this blog into a story of my Peace Corps journey. In the meantime, if any one has any tips about how to learn Cryllic ( yeah Mongolians write things in Cryllic), I would greatly appreciate it.

Lots of Love,



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  1. Surely there is an app to turn English into Cryllic, which I have never heard of before. This will be interesting…

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