Where The Wild Things Are…

In my graduated life, I seem to have a lot of time to play with my camera and watch all the animals that come and play in my backyard. Here are some of my better pictures… Enjoy!









  1. That is an amazing coyote picture. How close did you actually get for that?

    1. I was sitting in the living room when the coyote came right into the backyard. He was scrounging around for a vole and at one point was playing with it… anyways, he was really close!

      1. Did the vole survive “play time?”

      2. Unfortunately, I don’t think so. It was weird though, it was like the vole was jumping up into the coyotes mouth. Vole didn’t get the memo entitled “Nature: How to survive it right!”.

  2. Susan Chandler · · Reply

    Great photos! Makes me homesick!

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