My Current Priorities: Work, Ski, Book(s)


Hello all!

Since I have last posted, I have arrived in Tahoe, started work and settled in for the majority of the winter.  Being employed has gotten me up early in the mornings, and after my shifts I get to spend the rest of my day skiing. In other words, the perfect job / lifestyle!

Where do you work, you ask? I was able to find work with a ski resort up in the Tahoe area, as a sales agent for the Ski and Ride School. I basically sign people up for classes, greet arriving guests and inform people about options for lessons (for adults and kids, both group and private lessons) . So far I’m loving it. The people I work with are really chill and fun-loving. I’m sure as time goes by there will be some posts about the behind the scenes of what it is like to work at a ski resort (I’m sure there will be a bunch of intrigue on that particular subject… ). While work has been slow recently, with the current stormy conditions (in other words snow), I’m assuming work will pick up once I start back on again Friday.


Meanwhile, I have my projects to keep myself preoccupied as I wait for snow and have some productive things to do for the next 5 months I am going to be in the area. These projects include learning how to cook or mainly figuring out how to cook quinoa (whatever that is..), exercising at the gym (need to get fit for skiing), learning French (more on this later) and most importantly READING. Lots of reading. Especially on days like today where it is raining, and all you feel like doing is staying in bed with a good book (or a fully charged Kindle). Recently I have been on a North Korea kick. Reading about the nation, whether on the news or in books has always fascinated me. Why read about fictional dystopian societies when you can read about a real one? Some titles include The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson which is the fictional story of a North Korean kidnapper, and is part spy/love/coming of age story. Its incredibly heart breaking but a mesmerizing read. The other book that I have reread is Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick. Written by a journalist who lived in Seoul, she retells stories of defectors in a narrative format, and is really informative, especially about the years of famine during the 90’s and day to day life of the Hermit Nation.  Its mind boggling really, that in a world where information and choice are commonplace, there is a place where none of that exists.  If you know any other books, or have any advice about some of the projects I will be working on this winter, please let me know!

’till next time,




  1. I am so jealous of your life right now. I only have time to read books on the subway now. Body switch?

    1. To be fair – if you don’t take the express train you have a good amount of time to read something:-P. What are you currently reading, dare I ask?

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