Weekend in Washington DC

I have just come back from a marvelous weekend in Washington DC, which could not have been better.  Even with it being an election year, the city was free of crowds, the leaves were just starting to change and the weather was perfect. Say what you will about DC, whether you call it the “City of Magnificent Intentions” a’la Dickens, or even the “Murder Capital of the World” (not since the 90’s, that title actually belongs to Camden New Jersey now), it is a fun place to be and visit. The place is so entrenched in history that it is hard not to be impressed by the monuments and exhibits. The last time I visited the city was with my parents when I must have been around 8 years old. What a difference it makes to be several years older and all of the monuments actually make an emotional impact. I felt especially grateful to see some of the new monuments, including the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, which was incredibly impressive at night.  I was lucky enough to have fantastic hosts and I did get a whirlwind tour of the touristy things you could do in DC, as well as get to experience what it is actually like to live in the city as a young professional. Wish I could have stayed longer, but it now gives me an excuse to go back. Maybe in time for all those cherry blossoms people keep talking about…

What follows are some of the better pictures I took during the weekend…

Eastern Market

The street across from where I was staying. There was a full fledged organic market, including fruits, veggies and a butchers. During the weekend I would wake up to the hustle and bustle of a couple hundred people setting up the Farmers Market. I never had the time to buy something, but those strawberries looked delicious.

The DC Metro

I had to take a picture of the DC metro. They were so deep underground, they afforded to be incredibly spacious. Also, they reminded me of what a space port must look like.

A quaint little church steeple, complete with fall colors. This was taken on the Cal Aggie Alumni Chapters trip to Fredrick, Maryland for a beer tasting. Not only was the brewery entirely staffed by Aggies, but we were able to explore the main street. Like I said, it was very quaint.

The Turkish Embassy along Embassy Row. As the name suggests, its an area of DC with a high concentration of embassies. As I walked by, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the ornamentation of the door and the architecture. Would love to look into the history of what might have happened behind those doors….

The area around Georgetown University was full of cute townhouses and buildings probably older then the state of California. What a different college experience that must have been…

One of the newer memorials, between the reflecting pool and the Washington Memorial, is the World War II Memorial. If you ever have a chance to visit and wonder why the states are arranged the way they are around the fountain, they are arranged in the order of when they became states. Learn something new everyday.

I’m incredibly proud of this shot. If you look closely you can see the etching of “I Have a Dream” which is where Martin Luther King Jr. stood when he made his speech on the Lincoln Memorial. Also the Washington Monument looks beautiful.

The Korean War memorial. I found this monument incredibly moving, as the soldiers coming out of the ‘woods’ looked like ghosts in the night, and their faces had a look of terror as they looked out into the distance. Each of the individual statues was modeled on a real image from the war. The overall effect is eerie, but it creates a memorable experience as you walk through the monument.

One of the sides of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. I felt incredibly lucky to be able to see the monument at night, mostly because it adds to the enormity of the space and theme of the memorial. Also the Jefferson Memorial in the distance doesn’t look half bad either.

The beautiful ceiling of the Library of Congress. Each cardinal direction had a series of panels dedicated to writers, scientists and artists, all across the ceiling. I could have spent several hours just looking at the ceiling…

One of the quotations found while walking through the FD Roosevelt Memorial. It really is expansive, and through most of it was made of rock, as you walk through it, there are series of water falls, pools and statues that get increasingly more complicated as you walk through all four of his terms. On a beautiful day, it was amazing to walk through and be able to learn about what he did as his tenure as president. As the quotation shows, he was a very eloquent man, and most of what he said still applies to the world today.


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  1. yes yes I am behind the times looking at these now, but I love these pictures!

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