Revving Up…

“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” ~ Anna Quindlen

Here it goes. Me restarting this blog which has laid dormant for about a year now. Since then I have graduated from college (GO AGS!), spent three months in Alaska, and now starting the next chapter of my life. Lots has happened which has been pretty much amazing. I keep on meeting new friends, while keeping in touch with old ones. I plan to travel and show off some of the amazing stuff I have been doing with friends and family. So here goes. There will be photos, videos and journalistic attempts to keep people up to date, hopefully it will be entertaining… because thats the least I can do.

And what is the kick in the butt that has gotten me going again? Sometimes in life, things start happening all at once and ends up causing a mind explosion. Today was one of those days. As some of you know, I applied to the Peace Corps, and have been applying to some jobs in the Tahoe area for the winter. Today, within ten minutes of each other, I get emails saying that I have been nominated for a Peace Corps position (YAYAY), and got a job with the Ski School at Heavenly for the winter season. . As for Peace Corps, details are scarce, I basically only know that I would be working with youth development, and that I could be leaving in April…  Everything kinda coalesced together in a blob of awesome today which felt amazing.

It helped me with me being in a big city (New York to be precise), and someplace kinda unfamiliar. In less then a year I’m going to be somewhere even more unfamiliar and strange and fantastic. Makes New York seem like a blip on the things that I plan to do with my life. Might as well enjoy it.

Lots of Love,



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