This is my little experiment/venture into the world of blogging. Those that might know me, this is a little out of my comfort range. I hate talking about myself.

However, in the last two and half weeks that I have been back in Thailand, I miss all my friends back California and want to keep in touch. So for the next two months that I am in Thailand, I want to share little tidbits of knowledge about my time here, what I am learning from my internship that I am doing in Bangkok, and finally, to share my stories about some of my travels outside of Thailand.

Some of the things I am planning on doing while I’m here include:

  • a trip to MONGOLIA!!! Right in time for what is called the Nadaam festival… basically a huge national festival which include the three big sports of the country, wrestling, archery and horseback riding.I have already booked my flights to Mongolia, but the flight back is going to be a little sketchy . I will figure it out.
  • Some time in the up-country of Thailand at the Lampang Pony Welfare Foundation. These guys help with the health and welfare of Thai ponies which used to be an important source of labor for most people in the rural areas of Thailand. In recent times – not so much. So I will be making some visits up there in the next couple weeks.
  • Possible travels to Laos and other neighboring places.

As for my internship, right now I’m working at my Dads law firm. Just to explain to people, I was born in Thailand and lived here for most of my life before going to college. Mostly because my parents live and work here ( what can I say, they were the adventurous type). So within my Dads practice, I’m helping doing research, cross checking documents, editing Thai lawyers English and general paper pushing to help out with their environmental and social cases. So occasionally I will post some long diatribe about the use of carbon capture technology on pig farms to make a usable form of energy…only occasionally I promise 😛

So that will be all for now. I hope this first post finds you all well,

Till later,



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